We Year sixes have been doing are sats. Also we have been learning how to use brackets, hyphens and dashes instead of  commas. In the morning we have Mr Powles and in the afternoon we have Mrs Blockley. Also we have a very nice teacher assistant, Mrs Mumbey. In the morning we come in and read our books quietly once we have done the register we go down for assembly after that we go back to our class room and do spag. Spag stands for spelling, punctuation and grammar. We also do English just reasently we have been writing about a dream giver in our neatest hand writing. In maths we have been doing lots of work on fractions and finding out the percentage of numbers. In the afternoon we do a lot of geography and art.

Year 6 school term.

This year in year 6 we have learnt a lot of new things In English like how to use semi colons and colons and Math has been the hardest we’ve learned new methods. Also we’ve done our SATS they were very hard. We had to learn a lot of thing in a not long space of time we had three math tests,  one spelling test  and two SPaG tests. The teacher we normally have in the mornings is Mr Powels if not a suply teacher and in the afternoons its Mrs Blockly. In the mornings we do Maths, English and SPaG in the afternoons we do a lot of different things like art and topic. We learnt how to write in graffiti writing and how to write rhyming poems. We’ve learnt a lot about history like King Henry the 8th that’s been another hard thing.The suply teachers we’ve had is Mr Rosious, Mrs Wiliby and Mr Tomson.

All about year 6

In year 6 we’ve had are sats. In the afternoon we’ve done art,we had French afternoon we did the effie tower built in clay and drawings. We did a poem about listing to the moon. We learnt about the dream giver seeing if he is true or not . We wrote a dream about what we had in the night . Another dream about the dream giver.when the dream giver cracks the egg on what ever you want it to be.We did Griffti with Mrs Willby and comic strip drawings we planned a holiday for Mr Powels and his family.A treat for are sats were going to McDonald’s.

Year six this term

In this term year 6 have done lots of stuff first of all we did our SATS it is a important test we have to do. In the afternoon we did a lot of geography we were learning about global trade and were global trade goes and originates from. We wrote some poems about a book we have been reading in class called listen to the moon by Michel Morpurgo. In the morning we have been writing stories about dreams and have been discussing about were dreams come from. We were also talking about if a dream giver is real or not. As well as that we planned Mr Powles a holiday it had to include:a place were Mrs Powles could sun bathe,a place were they could take there kinds to have fun for example a water park,a place were Mr  Powles could do something sporty like a gym or rock climbing, a place that has lots of ruins and many more. We did art work about graffiti with Mrs Willby and comic strip drawings. we had 3 supply teachers called Mrs Williby,Mr Rosius and Mr Tompson.

Year 6

In year six we have been doing lots of writing about our dreams and descriptive writing. We also have been doing our sats on everyday of the week except Friday. We also had to plan a holiday for our teacher mr powels and We’re also going to do lots of P.E because we couldn’t do any on the sats week. We have been doing lots of graffiti work as well with Mrs blockley and we’ve been looking at a famous graffiti person called banksey. We have created our own graffiti tag and our own designs. Year 6 have done lots of thing over the last 8 weeks. We have been writing lots of stories and dreams because we need to do lots of writing up until July. We also have been making a power point about our own choice with a partner of your choice. We have been doing lots of art with Mrs blockley as well. We have had 3 supply teachers called Mrs willby, mr rohsiouse and mr Thompson.

Summer term one

Year 6 are busy this term getting ready for SATS!! They are going over lots of practise papers in the mornings in preparation. When they are not busy preparing for SATS they are learning lots of new Geography skills. Recently, they have been learning how to read maps, different symbols and grid references. This is proving quite tricky. They have also been learning about different settlements around the world and what it would be like to live in them. This is a very busy and important term for year 6 and we hope they will all try their best!

Mrs Blockley

Bake off week by jack mewse and Josh Essex

This week our school took part in our own great British bake off. Every class made a different bake along with some fabulous cakes from home; about 170 bakes in total came from home. There where lots off prices for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in 6 different categories. It was very fun baking in class; class six made a chocolate cheesecake yum yum! The cakes came in all shapes and sizes. All the children have had lots of done baking this week.

Josh and Jack

Boccia competition

On Thursday I went to Franklin college to play a torment .it bocci and it was fun there 10 schools in the tourment. When we got to there we had a few practises and then the tourment started.we won. Out first match we were pleased.we drew in the second match we then went on to win the next two matches.we were in the semi final unfortunately we got beaten 3-1 so we made are way back to school. By declanmullen

       This week

in pe we have been doing stretches also we have been doing beats to a song also atletics,in r.e we have been doing different beliefs about religious stuff that God is gods son and God is perfect but other people are not as perfect as God  with miss della going on to the Mayans we have learned; they live in mexico also known as Central American they were very clever they built city’s and within a few months they had built over 100 city’s and temples but they were all beautiful they made walls what lead to each city and obviously a path we have learnet all about it with miss blockly in the Mayan times the head dresses ment something (this is what they ment the bigger they are the popular they are )  like the kings is the biggest.

In YR 6 by Leah Jones

           This week in YR 6:

This week in P.E we have been doing warm up stretches and exercise, also we have been doing dance and athletics. In R.E we have been learning about faith and trust and to see out of a Christians view point. We have also got a new topic,The Mayans! I have learnt that they mostly got around by foot but genraly they did not visit other citys because were  just like the ancient Greeks they fought each other. They would often end up going to trade then end up in a gigantic war. The mayans had over 150 gods! They even had one for chocolate called Ixcoco, they also had a god af rain called Chacc. They lived in places in central America which is now a part Mexico we have. Topic and Wednesday P.E are taught by Miss Blocky and Mr Powells teaches us the other days.